The Adventures of Charlie and Lauren

May 12, 2010

Clapping and more…

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Tonight, she clapped for the first time!!!  So cute!  She has been playing hide and seek for about 3 weeks with her towel after bath time and with her blanket when she wakes up (SHE does the hiding and is really good at it!) but I think this may be EVEN cuter.  Sweet girl baby.


April 22, 2010

She’s tried before…

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but today, she REALLY waved at Charlie’s teacher, Mrs. Q, for the first time.  L is so freaking cute that I have to try hard not to gobble her up.

March 29, 2010

My darling girl…

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has started giving kisses in the past week.  This, I tell you, is one of the sweetest experiences I have had as a mother.  More to come on this.  Sandra just got married and things have been HECTIC!  My little bit is also TRYING to crawl.

March 15, 2010


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We took the little man to the rodeo today.  Lauren stayed with Grammy and Poppy.

For the first time, Charlie rode the ferris wheel, a “roller coaster” (the baby kind, the way Mama likes it) and the carousel, and this was definitely the hit of the day.  The Xtreme Bullriding only holds a 3 year old’s attention for so long, you know.  

Also for the first time, we actually participated in the feeding portion of a petting zoo, with some sweet baby goats.  Charlie is not an animal lover, and so he has always been too hesitant to do this in the past.  I think my little guy grows up a bit more every day.

February 28, 2010

Bittersweet milestone

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For so many months, Charlie *HAD* to have his special blue blanket with him when he went to bed.

Tonight, I found it discarded on the living room floor.

February 22, 2010


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We now, quite officially, have two teefies.  And oh my, little shoogie boogie (AKA Sugah Booger) is getting cuter and sweeter by the minute.  Pics later this week.

Oh, and my Charlie.  How I love him more ever day.  Obviously, he drives me nuts from time to time (as the three year olds do) but he is so amusing and funny with the things he says.  “OK, I have a deal for you” he tells me.  And he is always negotiating.

January 30, 2010

I think (but who REALLY knows)…

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that one of Lauren’s bottom teeth has poked through in the past couple days.  If not, it’s arrival is imminent.

January 21, 2010

Little Milestones

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Yesterday, Lauren laughed at her Poppy for the first time.  Until then, she has reserved that treat for her Mama and her Bro Bro.

Yesterday, I noticed a teeny little white corner of a tooth, SO CLOSE to cracking the surface of her gum.  Or maybe it was peeking out, just a smidge.

Today she used that tooth to clamp down while I was nursing, HARD.  We’ll see how much longer the nursing lasts after that. 🙂

Today she sat up in her bathtub on her own, and she stayed sitting up.  She came up from an incline, but still.  What a big girl.

January 18, 2010

Winter Tales

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Not much new is up around here, except for a certain hubs upcoming trip to Argentina.  (Dear South America, I hate you.  Love, Tams)

The kids, they continue to grow too darn fast for their mama’s liking.  Charlie is just a little sponge, talking every minute of every day.  I have to be ever more careful about what I say about the little guy.

Lauren is sitting up supported, but not interested at all in the rolling or the crawling or the cutting of the teeth.  She’ll be doing all these things soon enough, so it is fine by me.

January 11, 2010


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It’s funny to me how people are about milestones.  Is she doing this yet?  Is she doing that?  Without a doubt, it’s important in many ways, but I think a lot of it is this silly mommy competition business.

Of course, there IS no competition for my babies, so I don’t even feel the need to discuss it.  😉 Ha.

So, what IS Lauren up to?  She will stay in a sitting position for a bit if you help her up.  Her tooth SEEMS like it going to come through any day (but who knows) and she is definitely “biting” Mommy with her gums.  She coos and coos and coos when she is happer (quite a talker).  She laughs, mostly at Daddy and Big Brother.  She seems to be getting more beautiful every day.  In short, she is a keeper, but I think we knew that already.

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